PlayerManager was designed by Kinesense to help police, attorneys and members of the legal profession to more easily deal with proprietary formats.

The challenge

When video evidence is collected, it needs to be watched but often just opening the file is difficult. Officers may need to identify the format and often spend hours trawling the internet and specialist forums trying to locate the right player software.

Even when the right player is found it may not work because it was designed to work on Windows XP and you are working on a Windows 10 PC. An added issue is that downloading software from the internet from unknown sources is a cyber security risk.

The solution

Giving thought to these issues, we at Kinesense decided to embark on a mission. To create an international database of players so that people within the criminal justice system could search for the right player and play video. PlayerManager allows you to find the right players to view video.

A little like iTunes, the player can be accessed from the Kinesense database of players or an individually playlist created by an agency. We added a screen capture tool so that clips can quickly and easily be created. One of the most important things we did however was to virtualise the player. This process eliminates the platform issues and means than players can be downloaded without the risk or viruses.

Player Manager

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